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The affected platform, through the Lexlegis Office, whose owner is the lawyer Magdalena Rico Palao and the Clic-Clac photographic club, organize a photo contest in 2019, with the following bases:

1. Participants.-

All the people who want it, whether professionals or amateurs, will be able to attend this photo contest, as long as their work conforms to the bases thereof.

2. Thematic.-

The following subject is established:

    Photographs that refer to the real estate boom and particularly, undelivered and failed urbanizations.
The photographs will be oriented to verify the singularity of the abandoned or half built urbanized landscape.

The photographs must be taken in the Levante Español (Valencian Community, Murcia and Almeria) and Costa del Sol.

3. Characteristics of the photographs.-

  The images must necessarily be original, unpublished, not having been presented and / or awarded in this contest in previous editions.
 The images may be in color or black and white, not admitting the digital manipulation of them. The photographs will be presented on paper, and can be revealed by digital printing on high quality paper.
  The minimum size of the original photographs will be 40 x 50 cm, this size corresponds to the photographic image and will be presented without any mounting or support, being automatically excluded those that come mounted.
  Each participant may submit up to three photographs. The content of the same will necessarily be related to the theme of the contest.
   The photographs must be the property of the author submitting them to the contest.
  In the case of the awarded photographs, the organization will ask for the file of the same for its reproduction in the web, circumstance to which expressly expresses its agreement for the fact of participating.

4.- Form of presentation and shipment.-

On the back of each photograph, the pseudonym chosen by the participant, the title of the work and the photo number (if more than one) will be included.
On a separate sheet, in a sealed envelope identified with the pseudonym, the following data will be sent.

Title of the work;
Number of the photograph
Name and surnames of the author
D.N.I. of the participant
Address and contact telephone
The fact of participating in this contest, the author of the photographs authorizes the exhibition and publication of the same in the exhibition and publications that take place because of it; It is also authorized to disseminate and reproduce via cybernetics through the blog or web of the convening associations. And in your case, the exhibition of the aforementioned photographs is authorized as determined by the organization.
E-mail of the participants (e-mail).

5.- Place of delivery and date of presentation.

Photographs may be presented in person at Camino Real 17, 1º B, Yecla, Murcia, Spain, headquarters of the affected platform, which coordinates the Lexlegis office in Yecla (Murcia, Spain).

In the case of being sent by mail, the following information will be indicated on the envelope:

"1st Contest" Ghost Urbanizations "
C / Camino Real 17 1st b
30510 Yecla (Murcia)
(Office Lexlegis -
The deadline for submission will be December 30, 2019.
For those photographs that are sent by mail, the one shown on the postmark will be considered as the filing date.

6.- Jury.

The jury will be appointed by the Clic Clac Photographic Association and the aforementioned platform between persons competent in the photographic and / or artistic art. The Jury reserves the right to interpret the Bases of the present contest and to resolve the cases not contemplated, according to its best criteria.
The decision of the jury will be made public before February 15, 2020 and will be unappealable.
The ruling will be publicized by written or telephone communication to the awarded participants. The Jury reserves the right to declare deserts the prizes that are established in the following section, if the presented works do not gather, in its criterion, the sufficient merits.

7.- Awards.- The following prizes are established:

First Prize: 300 euros and plate.
Second Prize: 200 euros and plate.
Third Prize: 100 euros and license plate.
Fourth Prize: 75 euros.
Fifth Prize: 50 euros.

The finalist photographs and the other participants will be disseminated by RRSS. and through the web, or other digital platforms belonging to the Lexlegis office.

 The winning participant who refuses this digital disclosure of the photographs will be excluded.

The winning works will become property of the platform (through the Lexlegis Office), who reserves all rights to them and may later use them for cultural, artistic or advertising purposes, always citing the author's name .

The winning authors undertake to collect the prizes in the opening ceremony of the exhibition that will take place at the venue and dates that will be communicated to the winners. In the exceptional and justified case of not being able to attend the event, the winner may appoint a person in his / her place to collect the prize.

8.- Observations.-

            Photographs sent rolled or in tube will not be accepted.
The return of the non-awarded photographs will be made from the fifteen days following the end of the projected exhibitions. The photographs must be removed from the address of the platform

 Those that are not withdrawn within the deadline will become part of the photographic fund of the aforementioned platform that finances the call.

For the return of the works received by mail, it will be necessary to attach an envelope or package franked with an open date. In no case will the organization bear the cost of returning the photographs.

The organization will take strict care in the handling of the photographs received, but declines any responsibility for loss, breakage, theft or damage suffered during its delivery, during the Contest, in its Exhibition or in the return of the same.

All photographs submitted must be free of rights to third parties. All those photographs that do not meet any of the requirements established in these Terms will be disqualified.

The mere participation in this Contest implies the total acceptance of the Regulatory Bases of the same.

Yecla, March 1, 2019

#photography contest

More info Magdalena Rico Palao Lawyer 678203080


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